Awakening humanity

This is just my opinion based on observations from my viewpoint. So when reading bear in mind that we all have our own version of reality and look at it from our own viewpoint.

It seems to me that a large percentage of the population are waking up, by waking up I mean on a spiritual level, raising their awareness, raising the vibration of their consciousness. From my viewpoint it seems that the awakened are still a minority but this is changing, slowly more and more people are reaching this level of awareness and this is then having a similar effect on others around them.

The more we spread joy in the world, the more we raise people’s vibration around us, I believe if more people do this it becomes contagious and if you were surrounded by love and genuine compassion instead of all the fear and doom then how could anyone not raise the vibration of their consciousness, it’s just a natural occurrence from experiencing or being engulfed in high vibration emotions.

It can’t be forced. It has to happen organically, but I believe it is possible in our lifetimes to see a huge shift in consciousness away from the darkness that has been controlling humanity on earth for centuries. The endless loop of war and suffering. None of us want it, apart from those that want to control us.

A shift in consciousness is all that it will take.