False Freedom

So today is apparently “freedom” day, 19th July 2021, or this is what all the sleepy ones are calling it.

This isn’t freedom day, freedom day comes when ‘we’ take it, not when ‘they’ give it.

I went to the supermarket after work and half of the shoppers were not wearing masks.  Smiling at me like it was a novelty. I felt like saying. I’ve been smiling at you lot for over a year with your muzzles on.

See it’s lovely to see their faces but I have no respect for them, they had to wait until they were told they could take them off and they are still sheep.

I believe this is why we can’t have certain people just rock up and save the world like a lot of people believe will happen, there has to be pain felt, on all sides. The people have to learn from this and earn their freedom, not have it handed to them or they learn nothing and will always be easily controlled.