Inside the mind of a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut

The title is of course a joke, but is it? Is this how the ‘normies’ perceive us that have been banging on at them for the past year or so about covid being a huge smoke screen for the new world order globalist agenda unfolding before our very eyes. They label us crazy, call us tin foil hat wearing nut jobs, family members cut us off mid conversation, friends seem like they want to distance themselves from us or when they do see us don’t want to discuss anything political or will just shut you down.

From my own experience I feel that people worry about me, the one’s that love me anyway, they seem to have this image in their head, and that is all that it is, a fictional version of me that only exists in their head, it isn’t a true reflection of me at all, it is their version based on their views and judgements. I feel that they worry about me, they think I am sat at home all day with my head wrapped in foil, rocking slowly backwards and forwards in a chair, in a state of constant fear, anxiety and dread. This could not be further from the truth. Since, shall we say, my ‘awakening’ which is what I believe it is, a spiritual awakening, I have never been as happy as I am right now. I am so grounded and happy in my own mind that I wake up every day, even in this bizaro world, with a smile on my face, excited to go into the crazy world and meet new sentient beings, share energy and emotions and just savor each moment throughout the day.

So what is it that us nut jobs want our ‘normie’ friends to do? Well I can only answer this from my personal perspective.

In a nutshell, what I want my ‘normie’ friends and family to do is think, and by this I mean step back and really think, observe society from a different perspective, from outside looking in. Then think about the endless cycle of misery that humanity has been locked into for centuries and ask yourself, who ordered this? Well it doesn’t happen because we like war and destruction, so why do we continue to be stuck in this endless loop of misery? If you think this is just how it is, you are mistaken. It is all by design.

When you can finally accept that those that masquerade as world leaders are carrying out an agenda to enslave us, it is impossible not to see the rest just fall into place before your eyes. I feel that a lot of society have a bad case of Stockholm syndrome right now.

We are much much more powerful than we ever imagined once we are truly awake.