Perception of reality

Firstly when I use the word “matrix” I do not mean that we live in “the matrix” I use this term to describe our perception of this reality. 

So those that follow the media and celebrity gossip etc, allow these influences to create their reality, ie their matrix. 

When we stop believing and question things and look for evidence, stop blindly agreeing and accepting what we are told and look into it, this matrix shatters around you. 

It takes time to adjust but the more of the illusion that falls away the more that you adjust. 

We all, me included still live in a matrix of our own creation, the difference is that myself and others stopped allowing certain external influences to create our reality, but we still live in a “matrix” as such, we all do, like I said I do not mean “the matrix” from the movie and I do not believe that we are plugged into this. The matrix I speak of is our own, we create our own reality. 

Now I’m not saying I am right about everything, I’m probably not but I know one thing, much of the beliefs of the old media influenced matrix were false, so it’s not about me being right but it’s more about identifying what is not and it is obvious that we are lied to constantly by the media, politicians etc. 

When you realise and accept that this reality was a total illusion you are firstly left with a kind of void, this is where you begin to create your own reality based on research and facts, but even this can be influenced by one of our old friends, the mind / ego. 

The mind has this habit of running away with itself, it’s easily influenced by the romance of a story or idea and so it is very easy for us to leave the old matrix and create a new illusion of our own making. It doesn’t make it any more real than the old one. 

We have to be careful that we don’t allow our imagination and ego run away with us, truth is truth and I often find myself being taken away with the romance and my will of wanting something to be, so we start to believe something that is just as false as the media narrative. 

So as comfortable as it becomes to us to question the old matrix, we also need to be as critical of the matrix that we create and be mindful that our own mind also has a habit of creating false illusions and we need to be as comfortable with questioning this as we are of the media or we can easily find ourselves living in a totally false reality.