All of your problems are created by yourself. Until you create them, they do not exist.

Objects, events, people, things like that exist, but these are not problems until we create a problem in our mind.

For example, you receive a letter demanding money and you can’t pay, so you immediately create a problem in relation to the letter. In reality it is a piece of paper, it’s not a problem, but we create a problem in our mind and attach it to that object.

We create these “problems” for many objects, things, occurrences, future events, and we wrestle with them all day long, jumping from one to another.

No wonder so many people look so miserable, like they are literally carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

When you create more than you can handle you become unable to think clearly and so you begin to create problems out of fresh air, it’s like you get into this downward spiral and your grabbing onto every thing and attaching some sort of negativity to it, and this is what leads to anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

How did you get here?

By creating your own problems.

When you just sit back, breathe, look around you and remember who you are, where you are and just exist. None of these problems are even relevant.

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