Shadow work

Shadow work.

A term thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean.

For me it is learning to love yourself on all levels, even the things you dislike about yourself, because when you dislike something, you judge it. Everyone has a dark side and it is when we accept this and no longer judge ourselves for it do we truly conquer our shadows.

This is why meditation is key to shadow work, nobody else can do this work for you. You have to sit and do it yourself and learn how to accept and love all of you.

Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross legged or chanting, however this may be appealing to some. It is simply sitting and observing your self without judgement.

Others can hold space, listen and even love you, but ultimately the love you crave is your own. To be loved by another is beautiful but to be loved by ones self is the deepest love that there is because you cannot hide any part of you from yourself.