Perception of reality

By s7ntax / 26 April 2022 / Comments Off on Perception of reality

Firstly when I use the word “matrix” I do not mean that we live in “the matrix” I use this term to describe our perception of this reality.  So those that follow the media and celebrity gossip etc, allow these influences to create their reality, ie their matrix.  When we stop believing and question things … Read more

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False Freedom

By s7ntax / 19 July 2021 / Comments Off on False Freedom

So today is apparently “freedom” day, 19th July 2021, or this is what all the sleepy ones are calling it. This isn’t freedom day, freedom day comes when ‘we’ take it, not when ‘they’ give it. I went to the supermarket after work and half of the shoppers were not wearing masks.  Smiling at me … Read more

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The matrix is crumbling

By s7ntax / 9 June 2021 / Comments Off on The matrix is crumbling

For a large portion of my life I had been quite depressed, due to the fact that deep down I always knew that we lived in this matrix, that things were not how they seemed and that we were all being conditioned from a very young age into believing that this is just how things … Read more

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Inside the mind of a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut

By s7ntax / 23 May 2021 / Comments Off on Inside the mind of a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut

The title is of course a joke, but is it? Is this how the ‘normies’ perceive us that have been banging on at them for the past year or so about covid being a huge smoke screen for the new world order globalist agenda unfolding before our very eyes. They label us crazy, call us … Read more

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By s7ntax / 23 May 2021 / Comments Off on Thoughts…

There are many fictional versions of you in other people’s heads, based on the way they perceive you from their viewpoint, quite often this is a very narrow viewpoint based on judgement and opinion. The real you is nothing like any of these fictitious entities, only you know your true self. Don’t be molded into … Read more

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Awakening humanity

By s7ntax / 23 May 2021 / Comments Off on Awakening humanity

This is just my opinion based on observations from my viewpoint. So when reading bear in mind that we all have our own version of reality and look at it from our own viewpoint. It seems to me that a large percentage of the population are waking up, by waking up I mean on a … Read more

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