Silence the mind…

By s7ntax / 13 February 2022 / Comments Off on Silence the mind…

The biggest misconception of meditation is that you need to silence your mind. Good luck with that. This is why most people say they can’t meditate when they are trying to achieve the impossible. Do not try to silence your mind, simply observe it. The key is to observe and not judge, just allowing thoughts … Read more

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Observing your thoughts (exercise)

By s7ntax / 11 February 2022 / Comments Off on Observing your thoughts (exercise)

Sit somewhere quiet where you can have 10 minutes without being disturbed, it can be in a chair or on the floor, wherever you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and do 3, 6, 9 breathing through your nose, inhale for 3, hold 6, exhale 9, this just relaxes your body and mind. Then, and this … Read more

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There is no place I am happier,

By s7ntax / 12 December 2021 / Comments Off on There is no place I am happier,

than when I am resting on my own awareness.

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The Spiritual Battle

By s7ntax / 26 June 2021 / Comments Off on The Spiritual Battle

What is happening is that people are being programmed over time to accept a certain reality as being just how it is. We accept what we already know as normal and that is passed down from our parents and teachers as we grow up. The problem is that they themselves are programmed by their parents … Read more

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