By s7ntax / 11 July 2022 / Comments Off on LilNaturEl

This project is close to my heart as this is our new family business, we are in the process of creating all of our stock which will be ready soon and the website will be launched with an online store where we will sell natural, holistic products and offer other healing services such as Reiki … Read more

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Elephant Hawk-Moth

By s7ntax / 12 June 2022 / Comments Off on Elephant Hawk-Moth

This beautiful Elephant hawk-moth visited us yesterday 🪰✨💛 Moths represent transformation, hidden knowledge, inner wisdom, psychic abilities, and shadow work. They are connected to the moon, feminine and yin energies, and intuitive discoveries. They show up to help you discover your hidden desires and awaken to your true self. If you are searching for a … Read more

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By s7ntax / 12 June 2022 / Comments Off on Reflections

Everything you see in others is a reflection of yourself, what I see in you is a trait of mine reflected back, someone else that has entirely different traits will see a completely different reflection. We can only see what we understand and anything ourside of that doesn’t exist to us.

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Shadow work

By s7ntax / 11 June 2022 / Comments Off on Shadow work

Shadow work. A term thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean. For me it is learning to love yourself on all levels, even the things you dislike about yourself, because when you dislike something, you judge it. Everyone has a dark side and it is when we accept this and no longer … Read more

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The Silent Observer

By s7ntax / 8 June 2022 / Comments Off on The Silent Observer

Realising that the ego and your true self are separate is enlightening, however this is just the start of the road to getting to know your true self and only too often the ego will raise its game and take over, you forget and become the emotions once again, only when you reach breaking point … Read more

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Perception of reality

By s7ntax / 26 April 2022 / Comments Off on Perception of reality

Firstly when I use the word “matrix” I do not mean that we live in “the matrix” I use this term to describe our perception of this reality.  So those that follow the media and celebrity gossip etc, allow these influences to create their reality, ie their matrix.  When we stop believing and question things … Read more

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Different types of love

By s7ntax / 18 April 2022 / Comments Off on Different types of love

There is the love you have for your children, the love for a partner, the love for your mother or father, all are different, but the one that people forget about is the love for ones self. So many people do not have this love in their lives, because they are in an abusive relationship … Read more

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Everything is a thought

By s7ntax / 20 February 2022 / Comments Off on Everything is a thought

Thought creates energy, energy creates matter, everything in existence is simply a thought.

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By s7ntax / 19 February 2022 / Comments Off on Problems

All of your problems are created by yourself. Until you create them, they do not exist. Objects, events, people, things like that exist, but these are not problems until we create a problem in our mind. For example, you receive a letter demanding money and you can’t pay, so you immediately create a problem in … Read more

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Feel, don’t become

By s7ntax / 18 February 2022 / Comments Off on Feel, don’t become

It is not possible to hide from or escape an emotion, to do so will only make you grab onto it. You can’t escape them, but you don’t have to become them, just allow yourself to feel and don’t resist and it will flow through you like water.

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