The Silent Observer

Realising that the ego and your true self are separate is enlightening, however this is just the start of the road to getting to know your true self and only too often the ego will raise its game and take over, you forget and become the emotions once again, only when you reach breaking point then do you step back and remember, you are not your thoughts, you are not the emotions, you are simply feeling them, they are passing through and you are the observer.
Then you remember and when you do, don’t judge yourself for forgetting and allowing yourself to become the emotions, because in judgement we become the emotions again, just allow yourself to step back and don’t judge yourself on your behaviour when you let yourself become the ego, it’s a natural part of being human.
Just remember what you are, the true essence of you, the silent observer.
Have a beautiful day, whichever day that is, I hope this found you when you needed it the most.
Love from my soul to yours ❤️✨🙏🏻