The Spiritual Battle

What is happening is that people are being programmed over time to accept a certain reality as being just how it is. We accept what we already know as normal and that is passed down from our parents and teachers as we grow up. The problem is that they themselves are programmed by their parents to accept a certain reality as normal and them by theirs.

The programming simply makes people accept a certain reality as just how it is, their normal. We must pay this, we must not do this, etc. Yet we never question it as it is programmed so deeply over our whole lives.

People that are programmed will never realise that they live in a dystopia, they will always believe that they are free.

I don’t believe that ‘those that wish to control us’ are planning to just one day step on us and say wham, welcome to dystopia. They are programming us slowly to accept it, drip fed to us over time, until it is here but we don’t notice. Dystopia becomes normal, to a certain extent it already is and the programming is working on a large percentage of the population.

Will we enslave ourselves in the end with our obedience? Or will enough of us wake up and resist?

I really do believe that is where the spiritual battle lies, because enough awakened souls and the game is up for the darkness. We have to agree to the conditions, if we resist then we can push back.