Just looking across as the bloke in front of me and thinking, this is not about 1 person but it is, it’s about him as much as anyone else and as a collective, does what we call humanity that as far as we know only exists in this 3d reality, does that humanity really deserve saving. From the inside looking out our ego screams “yes, we are important and worthy of saving” but from the outside looking into this tinder box, does all that really warrant saving or would it be best to just let it crash and burn.

Also when you think about it on a cosmic level. What we consider to be good and evil, in this duality we live in. But for me the meaning of life is for souls to become nourished from experiencing a false reality for a brief moment. So if you play the bad guy in this fiction does that mean you are a bad soul or does it just mean that your soul played that part in that particular life and left nourished for it in different ways to those that played less evil rolls or even good rolls in the same fictitious reality.

We can only understand duality. Good and evil because we live in the type of realm where this is supported. Outside of this in other dimensions there simply isn’t duality. So what becomes of the good and evil. Is it a thing or is it simply vibrations.

When I think about it deeper I feel that outside of duality there is one emotion. Love and hate are one. Joy and misery are one. Dark and light are one. The only difference is the frequency. Love is the highest vibrational frequency but what is hate, hate is simply low vibrational love. Darkness is low vibrational light. Joy is high vibrational misery. It’s just a spectrum of vibrations. We split them in this reality into duality to make sense of them.

Yeah so is something evil because without evil there can be no good. So without it the other can’t exist. They are the same thing at different frequencies.

I think when you see this it’s part of the transcendence process. The ones that truly see through the illusion are the ones that see beyond the 3D lie, not the convid lie or any of the other lies, but the big lie is that we live in this 5 sense 3D realm where duality is king. It’s bullshit.

Thinking about the realms then what separates us is frequency. So higher realms can host only high vibrational entities, lower vibrational entities simply cannot exist under these conditions so there is no cheating your way in, it will not compute. Lower vibrational or evil as we call them are banished to the lower dimensions simply by the way their consciousness vibrates. It’s the core of it. What I believe is happening at the moment on earth is a battle between the dimensions for which souls go where. The darkness pulling as many into lower vibrations as possible with fear etc and then us light workers who’s job it is to pull people up into high vibrational frequencies so they can transcend into 4 and 5D.