There are many fictional versions of you in other people’s heads, based on the way they perceive you from their viewpoint, quite often this is a very narrow viewpoint based on judgement and opinion.

The real you is nothing like any of these fictitious entities, only you know your true self.

Don’t be molded into something you are not by the way others perceive you.

All those people that keep saying “we just want our lives back”, you never lost your lives, you were just tricked into believing that you had.

Imagine a world where we’re all so in love with each other as beings that money is no object and we just live to love and honor one another’s existence mutually

All it takes is a shift in consciousness.

Truth will always find a way to come out. Whether it takes decades or centuries, you can never hide from the truth.

Truth is one thing, remembering it is another and humans tend to forget quickly. This is why we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes time and again, stuck in an endless loop.

We need to start learning from our mistakes instead of repeating them.

It just shows how infantile we are as a race. Like 2 year olds that keep doing the same things over and over regardless of consequence.

I love waking up at 5am and being fully refreshed but not having to start work until 11am and everyone else is in bed, just me and the cat chilling with my coffee. So happy to be alive right now. Even if the world is totally crazy, every day is a gift and so much fun if you choose it to be.

You know, my key to being happy is simple, choose it. Decide that you are going to be happy.

I think if you are happy in your own mind with your own thoughts and you really learn to love yourself, your own company, then no matter what happens, I can close my eyes and be happy in my own mind.

It’s a real gift to be this way, some people have to work really hard to get to know themselves but if you do and really look inward and learn to love that light inside of you, you can’t help but be happy.